Saturday, June 13, 2009

My First Run.....

Chatting with my best friend yesterday about the best way to stay enthusiastic about the prospect of the next 4 months, being successful in my Half Marathon Challenge and sticking to the running schedule we decided I should create a blog. What better way to not be able to back out of a challenge than to make it public and post it in the internet.....

As I said, I'm not the most enthusiastic runner, and have never been able to keep motivated at it. But I love to be fit, and even more I love the challenge to take on something I'm not actually sure I can finish... So here I am.... and hopefully I'll learn to love running, there are millions out there who do, so I'm going to become one too!!!

Since i decided this is what I wanted to do, (The Melbourne Marathon- on Sunday 11 October 2009- 21.1km) I've been doing hours of countless research on the best ways to train, and what I should do. I'm not 100% on my training program yet, and what days I'll train, how many sessions to do..... but in a week or so I should be set on that too (I'll share whatever I find out along the way)

I went and saw one of my friends yesterday who is a personal trainer, and he said if I'm serious about doing it, I have to be able to run 15km by the end of next month (31st July). So the Challenge is set- and every big goal should have a mini goal.

Goal 1: be able to run 15km in one go by July 31st 2009

This morning was my first run (outside) in I don't even know how long, months!!!!

I set out at 8am on Sunday morning with the goal of running for 1/2 hour- because outside running is much harder than inside I on a treadmill and I wasn't sure how I was going to do. I end up running 9.2km in 57 minutes, running at a comfortable pace (in my friends shoes which were a size too big!!!)

First run down- many more to go.

I saw a friend has taken on the challenge of a marathon, giving himself 11 weeks preparation, and he was planning to run 1000 km in that time. I currently have 118 days until the event, or 17 weeks, so I'm going to set the goal of 400km training before the event and see how I go.

I'm a little sore, which is expected, and the improper footwear didn't help, we'll see how I pull up tomorrow. Either way..... 9.2 km down, 391.8 km to go!!!!!!

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  1. Oh Emma... you've outdone yourself this time! You actually created something to help you procrastinate, shame on you! Go study!
    I look forward to following you on your journey :) I want action shots!!