Monday, June 29, 2009

Holidays with a touch of a run....

Since I've finished exams I've actually been busier and with less time to exercise than whilst I was studying, so I've struggled to get many runs in.

I am currently in the south island of New Zealand visiting a friend from contiki..... and have managed to get to small training sessions in. On saturday morning I woke up and went for a 5km run down and around the bushland that is situated in the centre of Christchurch. It is good to run in a city I'm not used to so that I can get to see a bit more. We even came across a farmers market and stopped to test the delicious cakes and chocolates, and luckily I didn't have any money on me so portions were kept to samples only :) Goes to show you can fit exercise into any part of your lifestyle!!!!

Then on sunday morning I crazily decided to go the gym at Canterbury University. (After not getting home until 6am after a big night out in the Christchurch nightlife!) the uni facilities weren't amazing but they did the job and I managed to do a session of weights. I walked out feeling amazing. Today was meant to be a full day of snowboarding..... but unfortunately the weather let us down, and it was too miserable to go for a run. So tomorrow morning, I think it will be time to drag out the trainers and see the best of Geraldine.

Training regime will hopefully improve bit more when I get home. Until then, the travels will have to create my inspiration to train :)

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