Thursday, July 9, 2009

A 14km run down!!!!

I'm back from NZ so its now time to get serious and up my training :)

I ran into my friend Julian Cole on Friday night, and was chatting to him about training, which inspired me to give a big run a shot and just see if i could do it!

So and worked up and nervous I set out on a 14km run.... the destination, Warrigal Rd and home again!! If i did it it would be my longest run EVER!!!! Big challenge I know.

The track I took is the one I ride to uni during peak hour because it winds through the valley from Mount Waverley to Chadstone along the Scotchman's creek trail. Its pretty and beside the river so at least it gave me something to look at as I ran along. Not sure if it is a good thing choosing a track you know so well becuase I knew exactly what was yet to come, and how far I had to go.

As always the first few km's are the hardest, and everytime I set out on a run, the first km or two I question whether I am actually capable of finishing this marathon challenge and whether my body will make it through. (When I was a kid I used to go to the podiatrist all the time, and all i remember him telling me is that my feet will stop me from every becoming a proffesional athlete or a personal trainer becuase my body wont cope with the strain.... guess I'm going to show him!!!)

So i struggled through the first couple of kms and began to really enjoy my run. Did I mention I dropped a Preen can on my left foot big toe nail 15mins before I started my run? well I did and it really began to run about 20mins into my run, but I kept going.... nothing was going to stop me, Lance Armstrong rides in the sleet, I will run with a toe nail that has now turned off, and has stopped me from walking since I got home from my run. So 7kms in I hit the half way mark, and I'm at Warrigal Rd, I have Juju in my head "once you get to 8kms, theres no difference between 8km and 15kms" so I determined to get to 8km and then apparently its all down hill from there!

Well..... apparently not all down hill, becuase I live on a hill, and the last km is definetly all uphill and it hurts! But around the 9km mark, I started developing a blister on my inside arch, where I can feel my foot rolling in when I run (stupid podiatrist, u will not be right!) But I keep running, determined to make the 14kms, and as I get closer, it hurts more, but the more determined I become. I raced up the hill home (ok by raced I mean as fast as i could after runing for over an hour!)


I got home brusied and battered and sore, but immensly proud of my achievement. I had a black toenail, I couldn't walk becuase my muscles were so sore, and I had a blister on my inside arch, but I had done it.

14kms in 1:20..... not bad I think :)

I now have to go buy new shoes so I dont get blisters in the future, and I have to stretch properly in the future, when I got home from my run I had to turn around and ride 13km to work half an hour later. So I pulled up pretty sore the next day, and the legs were not loving it!

so far 35km down, 265 to go :)

Monday, June 29, 2009

Holidays with a touch of a run....

Since I've finished exams I've actually been busier and with less time to exercise than whilst I was studying, so I've struggled to get many runs in.

I am currently in the south island of New Zealand visiting a friend from contiki..... and have managed to get to small training sessions in. On saturday morning I woke up and went for a 5km run down and around the bushland that is situated in the centre of Christchurch. It is good to run in a city I'm not used to so that I can get to see a bit more. We even came across a farmers market and stopped to test the delicious cakes and chocolates, and luckily I didn't have any money on me so portions were kept to samples only :) Goes to show you can fit exercise into any part of your lifestyle!!!!

Then on sunday morning I crazily decided to go the gym at Canterbury University. (After not getting home until 6am after a big night out in the Christchurch nightlife!) the uni facilities weren't amazing but they did the job and I managed to do a session of weights. I walked out feeling amazing. Today was meant to be a full day of snowboarding..... but unfortunately the weather let us down, and it was too miserable to go for a run. So tomorrow morning, I think it will be time to drag out the trainers and see the best of Geraldine.

Training regime will hopefully improve bit more when I get home. Until then, the travels will have to create my inspiration to train :)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

I'll get there!

Ok so no luck today with the 10km run,

1. I pulled up sore this morning in my calves, so thought I'd wait till arvo and see how I was... but then study called and I lost motivation..... Oops, and then it got dark!

BUT...... I did manage to make it to the gym, for ab's class and a 4km run, which i did in 20mins, so not all is lost!

I've been doing alot of research on training for half marathons, and they recommend doing alot of agility training and 5km runs anyway. I'm not too worried about my aerobic fitness letting me down anyway, with all the riding I'm doing I can easily ride for 2 or 3 hours at a reasonable pace, so its just a matter of getting my running ability and legs race ready.

So I'm going to try and aim to do at least 3 runs a week. 2 shorter 5 km runs, based on the body for life running system. This is done on a treadmill. After your warm-up you run for 20mins using a tiered system, running for a minute on each speed.
ie 1min level 10
" " 11
" " 12
" " 13
and you go through this 5 times to make up the 20 mins

currently im using 10.5, 11.5, 13, and 14
but as I get better and fitter I will be able to up the pace. my aim is to be able to do 5km in 22mins. But again, lets see how we go!

and then try and fit in one long run a week!
If i keep my weights days to Mon, Wed and Fri, then my legs will be rested enough for long runs on Sundays!

On friday I am off to NZ for a week of sight seeing and Snowboarding, so I might even see if I can get a run or two in while I'm over there, because I've checked and NZ is yet to get a fitness first, so i won't be going to the gym!

So total km's so far....... 16.2km (lets see if I can get this up a bit more soon)

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Exams stall training routine....

So this week has not been the running success I predicted..... Simply due to the time I have needed to commit to exams and study (and a few days of not being able to move from exhausted muscles). So as for the counting of kilometres..... Not good

On a more positive note, I have managed to make it to pump twice this week, and an extra session of weights, as well as seven 30 min bike rides. So not all is lost! after my pump session this afternoon I did manage to fit in a quick 3km run on the treadmill.... therefore total km so far is 12.2km!!

Tomorrow morning I am planning to tackle a 10km run, from my house to East Malvern Train Station and then catch the train home! This way I do not have the option of turning around early and heading back home. Provided my legs aren't too sore from all the squats and lunges I did today, all should be good! Anyway I will keep you updated tomorrow.

I have great intentions, it's just up to the body to keep up!

Bring on the pain, (my calves are currently burning!!)

Goodnight! x

Saturday, June 13, 2009

My First Run.....

Chatting with my best friend yesterday about the best way to stay enthusiastic about the prospect of the next 4 months, being successful in my Half Marathon Challenge and sticking to the running schedule we decided I should create a blog. What better way to not be able to back out of a challenge than to make it public and post it in the internet.....

As I said, I'm not the most enthusiastic runner, and have never been able to keep motivated at it. But I love to be fit, and even more I love the challenge to take on something I'm not actually sure I can finish... So here I am.... and hopefully I'll learn to love running, there are millions out there who do, so I'm going to become one too!!!

Since i decided this is what I wanted to do, (The Melbourne Marathon- on Sunday 11 October 2009- 21.1km) I've been doing hours of countless research on the best ways to train, and what I should do. I'm not 100% on my training program yet, and what days I'll train, how many sessions to do..... but in a week or so I should be set on that too (I'll share whatever I find out along the way)

I went and saw one of my friends yesterday who is a personal trainer, and he said if I'm serious about doing it, I have to be able to run 15km by the end of next month (31st July). So the Challenge is set- and every big goal should have a mini goal.

Goal 1: be able to run 15km in one go by July 31st 2009

This morning was my first run (outside) in I don't even know how long, months!!!!

I set out at 8am on Sunday morning with the goal of running for 1/2 hour- because outside running is much harder than inside I on a treadmill and I wasn't sure how I was going to do. I end up running 9.2km in 57 minutes, running at a comfortable pace (in my friends shoes which were a size too big!!!)

First run down- many more to go.

I saw a friend has taken on the challenge of a marathon, giving himself 11 weeks preparation, and he was planning to run 1000 km in that time. I currently have 118 days until the event, or 17 weeks, so I'm going to set the goal of 400km training before the event and see how I go.

I'm a little sore, which is expected, and the improper footwear didn't help, we'll see how I pull up tomorrow. Either way..... 9.2 km down, 391.8 km to go!!!!!!