Saturday, June 20, 2009

Exams stall training routine....

So this week has not been the running success I predicted..... Simply due to the time I have needed to commit to exams and study (and a few days of not being able to move from exhausted muscles). So as for the counting of kilometres..... Not good

On a more positive note, I have managed to make it to pump twice this week, and an extra session of weights, as well as seven 30 min bike rides. So not all is lost! after my pump session this afternoon I did manage to fit in a quick 3km run on the treadmill.... therefore total km so far is 12.2km!!

Tomorrow morning I am planning to tackle a 10km run, from my house to East Malvern Train Station and then catch the train home! This way I do not have the option of turning around early and heading back home. Provided my legs aren't too sore from all the squats and lunges I did today, all should be good! Anyway I will keep you updated tomorrow.

I have great intentions, it's just up to the body to keep up!

Bring on the pain, (my calves are currently burning!!)

Goodnight! x

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